I'm impressed with the flexibility of the platform to create my own segments, retention charts and funnels based on the custom events.

Ivica Defilippis, HolosOne

INFINARIO is different

  • Real-time

    Lightning fast in memory processing, no ETL

  • Player centric

    Drill-down all the way down to an individual player

  • Engaging

    Scenario builder for event-driven offers delivery

  • Friendly

    No tech skills required
    after integration

Soft launch

Optimize player acquisition

Player acquisition is a costly, long term process. That’s why you want to have a complete understanding of the channels bringing the most valuable players and those just eating up your resources. Backup your decisions with real data and spend your money wisely.

Optimize player acquisition

Optimize first time player experience

As players start playing your game some of them will eventually drop off. Our funnel analysis will help you identify the place where you keep losing them so you can make changes and ultimately boost conversion rates. Save your precious players from leaving your game.

Optimize your on-boarding

Calculate player lifetime value

Player lifetime value (LTV) tells you the total amount of money a player will contribute to your game’s bottom line. Get to know the paying potential of each player and optimise your marketing campaigns.

Calculate LTV

Hard launch

Improve conversion

The requirement for F2P games is to convince players to spend money inside the game. Understand the behaviour of your first time payers and target offers with the most popular items at all perspective segments of players.

Improve your conversion

A/B test offers & level design

A/B testing of in-game offers, emails or push notifications is so simple in Infinario that you almost don’t need any help from your programmer. Not sure about level design? Create more versions and intuitively compare their conversion and monetization potential in one simple interface.

A/B test

Reactivate players better

Losing your players after you have acquired them through a costly campaign hurts. More so if they actually spent some time in your game. Connect with your lost players with a special offer for each segment and improve your chance to win them back.

Reactivate your players

Boost User lifetime value

It isn’t unusual for players to make their first purchase only after few days, possibly weeks of gameplay. You should identify this breaking point in your game as fast as you can and make sure that you don’t put monetization barriers in the game too early.

Boost LTV

Monitor game health

Always be up to date on your game’s performance with a complete overview containing all important metrics updated in real time. Monitor retention, engagement, your marketing efforts, monetization and much more and share it with your team members.

Monitor your game

Games using INFINARIO

  • Lil quest Lil quest
  • Bubbla Bubbla
  • Get the gun Get the gun
  • Future factory Future factory
  • Infinitum Infinitum
  • High Octane Drift High Octane Drift
  • Bacteris Bacteris
  • 1000+ other 1000+ other

Trusted by 1000+ studios with 22M+ players engaged.


Group players into similar segments based on their skill or behaviour.
Engage them with the right through various channels.

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