These Guidelines describe conduct to be followed by you whenever you are using our Services. Any abbreviations and/or terms used herein shall have the same meaning as in the Terms of Platform and Terms of Use.

Data handling. When you use our Services, you are using our analytical tools over your data. Therefore, although we do not process personal data you share via your Account, it is recommended that you meet all laws and regulations applicable for collection of data about your customers (including but not limited to legal principles arising out of EU data protection laws), namely:

Data collecting purpose and proportionality. In case you are analysing personal data of your customers, such data should be collected for selected purpose; any such collected data should be strictly proportional (as regards the extent and time) to the purpose to which they were collected.

  • Data sharing and location. In case you share of data of your customers with us or other third party, you should ensure that the data are processed legally and securely. Please make sure that transferring/copying data to other locations aligns to your local laws and regulations. As many data protection policies restrict transferring the data overseas, it is recommended select location servers within area of your establishment.
  • Information about data collection and sharing. You should inform your customers on any relevant aspect of data processing, including the fact that you have made the data accessible to third parties via your Account.
  • Data separation. You should strictly separate your data collected for different purposes and should not combine data.
  • Data security. You should adopt technical and organisation measures to keep the data collected from your customers secure.
  • Right to access. You should enable customers to access data even if they are stored with third parties.

You should also adhere to all other applicable laws and regulations, including sector specific data processing regulations, including but not limited to HIPAA or GLB regulations.

E-mail Campaigns. When using our Services for dispatching e-mail campaigns, you should adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, especially but not limited to principles of EU, US and Canadian anti-spam regulations. You should, inter alia:

  • Eligible recipients. Send the e-mail campaigns only to those recipients who gave you consent or purchased any of your goods or services in the past 12 months - e-mail contacts which do not meet these requirements should not be imported for the purposes of e-mail campaigns;
  • Eligible content. Make sure that e-mail sent is clearly determined as business communication, that you give the recipient possibility to opt out from the mailing list and include your location data;
  • Prohibited content. Make sure that the e-mails heading and/or body are not misleading or deceptive and do not contain any content which is illegal, selling or promoting illegal goods or services, selling goods or services which proliferation or support may be under strict governmental supervision or could require special permission, including but not limited to adult content, gambling campaigns, provisions of loans and mortgages or selling of financial products.