Why are we investing money?

Even the greatest game can use a little help at the end of the development.That’s why we at INFINARIO teamed up with LRJ Capital. We provide funding for a game that will prove us using INFINARIO, that it has the greatest potential. We created our platform to help game designers really understand how players play their game. Now you just need to prove that you have a great game.

How does it work?

If you win our Expert Panel prize you will get 100 000 eur in funding for finalisation and market launch of your game and on top of that we will take care of global PR campaign and free consulting. For that we want 10% of equity. We believe that this is a fair arrangement where our success is tied to yours.

Expert panel prize

The expert panel will choose the best game based on your dashboards
and traction in data for the month of May.

  • Jozo Kovac
    Jozo Kovac
    Infinario Co-founder
  • Filip Fisher
    Filip Fisher
    Pixel Federation Co-founder
  • Peter Irikovsky
    Peter Irikovsky
    LRJ Capital Partner
  • Brandon Sheffield
    Brandon Sheffield
    Director at Necrosoft Games


Step 1

Sign up for free

Sign up and integrate your game by the end of April 2015. It takes less than 30 minutes and we currently have SDKs for Unity, Android, iOS, Flash and more.

Step 2

Track your game and get relevant data

Start tracking actions of your players and learn how to get the most out of our platform.

Step 3

Create dashboards and let the numbers prove your game is the best

To win our prize you have to create dashboards with analyses that show your game has the greatest potential. Your game’s traction will be judged by our Expert Panel.

Start tracking now

Enter the competition for the best game now. Integrate your game with
INFINARIO and get a chance to win 100k eur in funding.

Apply now


  1. 1. Can I really get €100k for my game?
    Absolutely. INFINARIO is a Player Analytics Platform funded by investments from LRJ Capital and the only condition for you to apply is to start tracking your game data in INFINARIO by the end of April and get wild with dashboards, segmentations, funnels and other awesome analyses in May. The expert panel will choose the best game based on your dashboards and traction in data for the month of May.
  2. 2. Why should I track events?
    Our investor is looking for an amazing game to invest in, and to evaluate promising games, he needs to see real game data in our tool. Only with such hard evidence can he decide where to invest.
  3. 3. What kinds of games are eligible to join the competition?
    We’re looking for early stage games (Soft launch, Beta, Early access, Demo) from all over the world, built on any one of these supported platforms. Get Funded is not for well-established game studios and we don’t accept any games hard launched before Jan 2015.
  4. 4. What are the rules? Who wins the money?
    The rules couldn’t be simpler. Start tracking your game in INFINARIO by the end of April and keep analyzing your players’ data until the end of May.
  5. 5. Who wins the Expert Panel Prize?
    Our expert jury will evaluate all game data and the Expert Panel Prize will be awarded to the game with the best traction and the most insightful data in its dashboards, segmentations, funnels, predictions and whatever else the developers can use.
  6. 6. Who is the Jury?
    The jury is composed of the following game industry professionals: Jozo Kovac (Co-founder of INFINARIO), Peter Irikovsky (LRJ Capital partner), Filip Fischer (Co-founder of Pixel Federation) and Brandon Sheffield (Director at Necrosoft Games).
  7. 7. Who is behind LRJ Capital?
    LRJ is a private evergreen venture fund investing mainly into companies in their early revenue generation phase with world-class founding teams in charge. LRJ recently invested in the mobile game development studio Mingle Games and is now looking for more games to invest in.
  8. 8. Is INFINARIO free or do I have to pay?
    For everyone who joins the Get Funded campaign, Infinario is free to use until end of June. See our pricing for standard cost after end of June.
  9. 9. How do I apply?
    Register at https://infinario.com and when inside the app, all you have to do is integrate your data and create your first dashboard. That’s it, you now have the chance to win 100k for your game! Good Luck!